Credible, inclusive, participatory and peaceful elections are critical to ensure that citizens have a voice in how they are governed. Unfortunately, electoral violence and fraud plague many elections, requiring new approaches to promote electoral integrity.

A leader in political and electoral conflict management and mitigation, Creative has tools and programs to address emerging threats of violence and fraud. Creative offers electoral threat assessment and election conflict prevention planning, peaceful election advocacy campaigns and electoral audits and fraud forensics.

Creative works closely with election management bodies—the backbone of the electoral process—and other electoral stakeholders to become more effective and responsive to voters’ needs. Creative employs innovative methodologies to help these bodies—whether for national, local or nongovernmental elections—to effectively use technologies, incorporate gender sensitive approaches and include marginalized groups in the process.

Electoral oversight through long and short-term impartial international observation is an important feature of elections that Creative undertakes.

Creative draws upon its core senior staff and an extensive roster of electoral experts for technical assistance and observation efforts. These experts have deep experience and expertise at every stage of the electoral cycle from legal and operational framework development through results certification.

Employing its network of election management bodies, civil society organizations and academic institutions around the world, Creative offers electoral educational opportunities in order to form a new generation of electoral policymakers and implementers. Through voter and civic education, Creative empowers and educates citizens to foster participatory and representative political systems.

Creative’s recent experience in elections can be found here.



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