Technical skills that make a difference

Creative’s experts have passion, commitment and technical skills, all of which are combined to develop and implement meaningful projects around the world. Creative’s experts have worked in multiple countries, most speak at least two languages and they are often invited to share their insight at conferences and in professional journals.

Emmet Murphy

Senior Technical Advisor, Economic Growth Division

Emmet Murphy advises the Economic Growth Division on agriculture and food security and leads the West Africa Trade and Investment Hub as its Technical Director....
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Janet Shriberg

Senior Technical Advisor, Child Protection and Well-Being

Janet Shriberg’s technical expertise supports projects that expand access to safe and healthy learning environments for vulnerable and/or marginalized children and youth....
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Jeffrey Fischer

Senior Electoral Advisor, Communities in Transition

Jeffrey founded the Practice Area of Electoral Education and Integrity. He provides expertise on elections and teaches courses in electoral policy and practice on Creative projects....
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Jim Winkler

Vice President, Economic Growth Division

Jim Winkler, VP and Senior Director for Creative's Economic Growth Division is a veteran development leader specializing in trade and investment, economic policy reform and strategic management. ...
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Karen Tietjen

Principal Technical Advisor, Education for Development

Karen serves as Principal Technical Advisor, supporting Creative education projects with a focus on curriculum, dropout prevention, teacher training, systemic change and other areas. ...
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Maby Palmisano

Director, Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

Maby Palmisano leads Creative’s Design Monitoring and Evaluation Unit. In this role she support project teams and divisions across the organization....
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