REWARD’s Joint Analysis and Response Planning Compendium

The U.S. Agency for International Development’s Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data (REWARD) project worked closely with ECOWAS to conduct human security risk and vulnerability assessments in all 15 West African countries. Using Geographic Information System (GIS), systems analysis, and quantitative methods for a baseline, as well as field research conducted at the national and local levels covering the region’s hot spots. The project interviewed government officials, security agents, traditional rulers, women leaders, youth and development actors to better understand the systems already in place that foster resilience.

Building on this foundation, REWARD then worked with ECOWAS and national actors for robust analysis and response planning across the region. REWARD also worked with ECOWAS on a suite of early warning and early response processes and planning tools, including the Joint Analysis and Response Planning (JARP) Compendium. This compendium of frameworks and manuals details a holistic and collaborative human security early warning and early response system:

01 ECOWAS Guide to Joint Analysis and Response Planning

02 Human Security Risk Vulnerability Assessment Manual

03 Human Security Analysis Framework

04a Gender Manual

04b Gender Training Module

05 ECOWAS Response Planning Framework

06 After Action Reviews 

French materials: 

01 Guide de la CEDEAO pour l’Analyse conjointe et la planification de la réponse

02 Manuel sur l’évaluation des risques et des vulnérabilités liés à la sécurité humaine

03 Cadre d’analyse de la sécurité humaine de la CEDEAO (HSAF)

04a. Intégration de la dimension gendre dans l’alerte précoce – Manuel de la CEDEAO

04b Intégration de la dimension gendre dans l’alerte précoce – Manual de formation de la CEDEAO

05. Cadre de Planification de la réponse de la CEDEAO

06 Notes d’orientation et modèle pour la continuité d’analyses après action -AAR 

Portuguese materials:

01 Guia da CEDEAO para análise conjunta e planeamento de resposta

02 Manual de Avaliação dos Riscos e das Vulnerabilidades ligados à Segurança Humana

03 Quadro de análise da segurança humana da cedeao (HSAF)

04a Integração do género no sistema de Alerta precoce – manual da CEDEAO

04b Integração do género no sistema de Alerta precoce – Módulo de Formação da CEDEAO

05 Quadro de planeamento de resposta da CEDEAO

06 Notas de orientação e modelo para a realização da análise após ação

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