40+ years of promoting positive change

Creative has implemented hundreds of projects around the globe since it was founded in 1977. From education and elections to governance and economic growth, Creative’s efforts have made a difference. For example, since the year 2000, Creative has trained more than 389,000 teachers in 21 countries—providing them with new skills and techniques that ultimately benefit their students.

Creative’s Past Projects section has a list of selected projects, a brief description, their implementation dates and funders.


Uganda/Complementary Opportunity for Primary Education (COPE)

Date: April 1995 – August 1998

Creative provided assistance to UNICEF and the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports in developing the Complementary Opportunity for Primary Education Program, an alternative, non-formal education program that provided five years of primary education in nine terms of instruction. Designed for students who could not attend formal school because of financial constraints or domestic responsibilities, the program provided primary school instruction through a condensed curriculum and a three-year program....



Uganda/Support for Uganda Primary Education Reform (SUPER)

Date: May 1993 – May 2000

Under the USAID-funded Support for Uganda Primary Education Reform project, Creative worked with the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports and district officials to develop strategies that lead to more valuable community involvement in boosting school access and quality for disadvantaged groups of children, particularly girls. Creative procured and distributed the equipment, material and supplies necessary to carry out the project effectively....



USAID Yemen Gateway to Education

Education Date: 2022-2026

Yemen continues to face one of the world’s worst ongoing humanitarian crises as its people confront ongoing violent conflicts, starvation, an economic blockade and the continuing effects of COVID-19. More than half the population requires humanitarian support. ...

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USMC FIMS Technical Support and Maintenance

Date: November 2000

Ongoing technical support and maintenance for the Financial Information Management System (FIMS)....



USMC System Command

Date: April 2001 – December 2001

The programmers of the AIM Division developed a client server database system that records all procurements authorized by the United States Marine Corps Headquarters based in Quantico, Virginia. This system tracks the administrative and financial aspects of approximately one billion dollars’ worth of procurements per year....



West Africa – Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data in West Africa

Elections Date: 2015-2020

The five-year “Reacting to Early Warning and Response Data in West Africa” project (called REWARD) will support the Economic Community of West African States’ (ECOWAS) use of innovative technology and apply best practices to detect and respond to conflict across the region from political violence, violent extremism, and ethnic conflict to sectarian tensions, perpetration of atrocities and organized crime....

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