Designed by Creative’s Development Lab, Track and Trace is a location-based tracking system that reports on the condition and whereabouts of materials during the delivery process. Its technologies capture a product’s status along the delivery route, reporting its path and triggering alerts upon delivery. With the collection and dissemination of real-time data, Creative’s Track and Trace plays a vital role in making deliveries more effective and efficient.

As an application of CreativeMapper (Creative’s geographic information system solutions), Creative’s Track and Trace was first customized with specific features to better suit international textbook chains. The system’s methodology features a blend of integrated mobile app, web application and SMS-based data collection specifically designed for tracking book deliveries in remote and insecure environments. The tool assists with multiple components of the book tracking process, including registration, labeling, tracking, notifying and reporting.

Creative’s Track and Trace system focuses on simplifying user experience for those with low tech literacy and access. It is adaptable to different delivery and tracking processes in diverse contexts and for different local entities and leverages a rules engine on the Track and Trace real-time data collection and notification system for immediate remedial actions.

Already used to improve over half a million book deliveries in Afghanistan for hundreds of schools, Creative’s Track and Trace has the potential to be applied in various contexts to increase transparency and reduce leakage in delivering supplies in areas that are prone to logistical challenges.

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