The Electoral Integrity Analytics Toolkit is constructed to provide users with the necessary resources to forecast, monitor, diagnose and ultimately prevent electoral violence and malpractice. The toolkit is composed of four essential components.

  1. Electoral Integrity Forecasting Tool: This tool employs a prediction market whereby a pool of topical experts on electoral integrity forecast their predictions for electoral violence to occur. The tool forecasts the probability and profile of electoral violence that may occur. A similar prediction market can be applied to forecast electoral malpractice.
  2. Electoral Integrity Monitoring Tool: To monitor social media content for real and potential incidents of electoral malpractice or violence, Creative employs an open-source, web-based platform called Aggie developed jointly by Georgia Tech, Sassafras Tech Collective and the UN University’s Institute for Computing and Society.
  3. Diagnostics Tools: The diagnostics component of this toolkit is made up of two tools.
    • Electoral Security Framework: This tool assesses and profiles past incidents and risks for future electoral violence, and recommends programmatic options to prevent, manage, or mediate such violence.
    • Gangs and Electoral Violence Diagnostic Framework: This tool consists of a four-part framework to forecast, monitor, diagnose and prevent the potential for gang involvement in electoral violence.
    • Electoral Violence Investigation Framework: This framework offers guidelines and best practices in the investigation of crimes of electoral violence.
  4. Electoral Violence Prevention Practice Database: This online database provides practitioners, policymakers and researchers with a searchable database of interventions that have been employed to prevent, manage or mediate electoral violence. The database is a collaborative initiative by Creative and King’s College London.

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